Simone Forti: Striding Crawling

– First German Performance –

September 30, 8:30pm, Sophiensaele Berlin, Festsaal

Simone Forti’s engagement with the animal has been manifold and choreographically multi-layered: while her piece Sleep Walkers (aka Zoo Mantras) emphasizes the sculptural quality of the animal-in-motion, her later work Striding Crawling is based on improvisation.

Having introduced the French dancer Claire Filmon to her approach to improvisation, the two have performed the piece as a duet. In Berlin Claire Filmon will perform a solo version. Prior to each performance, the dancers prepare through the practice of intense animal observation in the zoo or in nature. Corresponding to the work’s title, a circling striding and crawling will recall the animal movements explored, so that they are placed into continuously newly emerging choreographic combinations.

“At first I was just looking at how the different variations of body structure lead to different ways of moving. I gradually became aware that every time, at some point during the day, I would catch sight of an animal doing a dance.  . . . And though perhaps it wasn’t dancing as people do it, it shared the same ancient roots.“ (Simone Forti)

Choreography and Original Performance: Simone Forti
Dance: Claire Filmon
Music: Peter van Riper
Light: Emese Csornai


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