Simone Forti: Zoo Mantras (aka Sleep Walkers)

– First German Performance –

September 29 & 30, 8:30pm, Sophiensaele Berlin, Festsaal

Since his studies at the SNDO Amsterdam, Martin Nachbar has regarded Simone Forti as among the most significant protagonists of contemporary dance. Her work Sleep Walkers (aka Zoo Mantras), considered a signature piece of modern animal choreography, constitutes a foundational reference point for his research concerning the human-animal-relation. Due to her esteem of his Animal Dances, Simone Forti has conferred the piece to Nachbar, who has since studied it in intense exchange with Forti herself as well as in collaboration with French dancer Claire Filmon, long-term acquaintance and collaborator of Forti.

The work was originally developed in Rome in 1968. Spending significant amounts of time observing animals, Forti selected four species for her choreography: the flamingo, the ice bear, sea algae and water striders. This new version, which Forti now calls Zoo Mantras (aka Sleep Walkers), consists of a sculptural-choreographic positing of the piece in a sequence of two solos and – as a world premiere – as a duet. It will finally be possible for German audiences to see this work, so seminal to dance history.

Choreography and Original Performance: Simone Forti
Dance: Claire Filmon and Martin Nachbar
Light: Emese Csornai

After the performance on Sept 29: Film Presentation on “Sleep Walkers (aka Zoo Mantras)” by Simone Forti and Public Discussion with Claire Filmon, Sigrid Gareis and Martin Nachbar

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